It has been a big, big month in the world of Android. Lollipop is a reality, and it's already starting to roll out to devices. At the same time, Android Wear got a nice little update, and a few more watches came out. What fun! Now all you need is the right assortment of apps to grace that watch, and all will be well. We've got all the best new stuff right here, so read on. Or at least skim it—c'mon, these roundups take a while.

Wear Apps

Torque for Bing & Android Wear

Android Police coverage: Microsoft Releases Bing Torque, Tries To Replace The "OK Google" Hotword On Android Wear With A Wrist Twist. And Bing.

Microsoft is making a lot of Android apps lately, and one of them is the new Torque for Wear. This app lets you call up a Bing-powered voice search on your wrist with a quick twist gesture. It does a lot of the same things Google can do, but it gets data from Bing. It seems to work okay.


Torque, powered by Bing, brings the web assistant to Android Wear. With a simple twist of the wrist, Torque wakes up and is at your command. Ask anything for answers right there on your watch. Example questions are:
- What’s the weather like in London? What is the temperature in New York? Shanghai? (world weather)
- How is traffic in Los Angeles? Local traffic? (current traffic map in your area)
- Any Indian restaurant nearby? Any Chinese food? Local shoe repair? (local business search)
- Seahawks score? (up to date sports)
- What is 15% of 86? What is 75 times 46? (calculator by voice for your tips)
- What time is it in Paris right now? (world clock)
- What is stock price of Apple? Stock price of IBM? (up to date US stock price information)
- How old is Google CEO? How tall is Yao Ming? (simple QnA on your wrist)
- What is the population of Paris? How big is Beijing? (quick facts by voice)
- Delta 25? Flight status of United 808? Air China 127? (flight status)
- Any news from Microsoft? (web search with results you can easily tap and open on your phone)...

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Fit Wear

Android Wear is useful as a fitness tracker, but lots of people already use Fitbits. Fit Wear lets these two platforms play nice together so you can see steps, calories, and distance. All you have to do is authorize the app on your Fitbit account.


Fit Wear allows you to authorize your Fitbit account and view Fitbit fitness tracking data on your Android Wear device.

View current daily stats such as:

- Steps Taken
- Calories Burned
- Distance Travelled

Use Fitbit as your daily fitness tracker? Set it up in the Android Wear companion app to be launched when you use the "Show me my steps" voice command.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Wear Battery Stats

Android Police coverage: Wear Battery Stats From The Maker Of Wear Mini Launcher Tracks Your Watch's Battery Life

Battery life on Android Wear has been a contentious issue ever since the Moto 360 was released with less than stellar performance. If you need yet another way to obsess about Wear battery life on your wrist, grab Wear Battery Stats. It shows you a graph of your battery usage over time on the phone and watch. It even gathers some basic data about screen state and app usage. It's free to use, but you can pay a little cash to unlock a customizable low battery alert.


Wear Battery Stats helps you monitor your Android Wear device battery life.

It's the perfect companion for your watch when you want to know more about your battery life.

With this app you easily can:
Track the battery level and predict when you will be out of battery
► See your apps activity to determine if an app causes a battery drain
Be notified when the battery percentage or the remaining time are below a level

This is a first release, more features are coming. Please be also tolerant with your rating. If something doesn't work, you can contact me (see below). I try the be as responsive as possible to fix the issues.

Wear Battery Stats
Wear Battery Stats
Developer: Nicolas POMEPUY
Price: Free+

Techmeme Wear

Reading news on your wrist is not a great experience in general, but Techmeme Wear probably makes it about as bearable as possible. This app pulls in headlines from the tech-centric news aggregator Techmeme. It takes a little getting used to, but Techmeme Wear could be great for getting the gist of what's up. It also has support for adding stories to Pocket, which I think might be its best trick.


Do you love Techmeme news and wish you could get the latest news as notifications on your Android Wear device? Then this app is for you.

We created Techmeme Wear (unofficial) for personal use at first, and decided to package and roll it out to everyone who shares our love of Techmeme and the fantastic work they do.

Techmeme Wear let’s you do the following:
- New Techmeme news items will show up as a Notification on your Android Wear device
- You can open the Android Wear app and conveniently scroll and cycle through Techmeme items
- Mark items as “Read” and they will no longer appear in your feed
- From your Android Wear device you can:
- Quickly glance at the news headline
- Read full articles
- Open the article on your phone
- Add to Pocket
- Share
- Manually Refresh by long press on a headline, or by swiping to the top

- Additional Settings you can control from your phone:
- Stacked or unstacked notifications
- Change refresh interval


Techmeme Wear
Techmeme Wear
Developer: Visual Candy Apps
Price: $1.06

Aeris Wear Weather

Aeris Wear Weather is one of the first apps I've seen that focuses on getting additional weather data on your watch in the form of an app. You can access Aeris Wear Weather from a card notification if you like, but the app itself can be launched with current conditions, forecasts, and a radar weather map. The phone side app is quite basic, but that's the point. This is an app for your wrist.


Aeris Wear brings weather and radar to your wrist with these key features:
- Quickly access your current weather conditions as well as short-term and extended forecasts.
- Know when to bring your umbrella by viewing your local and regional radar.
- Get notified immediately when weather threatens your location with advisories and alerts.
- Automatic weather and radar updates, right on the wear device.

Upgrade to Pro.
Personalize your weather content with the Aeris Wear Pro upgrade. Change the card order, add new cards, and include satellite and advisories.

Aeris Wear Weather
Aeris Wear Weather
Developer: AerisWeather
Price: Free+

Advanced Wear Visualizer

You will always be prepared for surprise dance parties and raves with Advanced Wear Visualizer. With a few taps, it will put psychedelic colors on your wrist, which is probably a thing everyone needs, right? Okay, maybe not, but here it is. It's $1.49.


Party like it's 2999 with a colorful glowing display at your wrist that dynamically changes with any ambient sound or music, in real-time.

"Advanced Wear Visualizer" will run only on Android Wear, including non exhaustively:
• ASUS ZenWatch
• LG G Watch
• LG Watch R
• Moto 360
• Samsung Gear Live
• Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50

Already more than 20 different visualizers available, the next update(s) will continue to provide more optimizations, more visualizers, and more options.

• Swipe to the right or to the left to change the current music visualizer
• Swipe to the top or to the bottom to respectively increase or decrease the sensibility/accuracy
• Tap in the middle to display the battery level
• Double tap in the middle to enable/disable the auto-cycling mode
• Long press the screen to quit

Concern about the battery impact?
Our tests showed that it can easily run continuously for more than 3 hours and a half (with a 400mAh battery). Stay tuned, future updates might even improve energy consumption.

If you are using Wear Mini Launcher, its drawer will not interfere at all. As expected, Wear Mini Launcher will be properly restored after you exit.


Audio Visualizer
Audio Visualizer
Developer: AQ
Price: $2.49

Guns´n´Glory Heroes - Wear

We all knew developers would make games for Android Wear, and most of them have been not good. I think we've only had one in the roundup before, but here's number two—Guns´n´Glory Heroes. You basically tap as your avatar in the game spins around in a circle. Each tap fires off arrows or other projectiles at the slowly advancing baddies. There's also an amusing feature that rewards you with more health in the game based on your steps. Is it worth a buck? Maybe.


‘Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes’ is back on your Android Wear device – and the enemies are bigger and stronger than ever. They can’t wait to crush you. Help your elven wizard to block the oncoming enemy waves by shooting them down with your deadly crossbow arrows. But watch out: The longer you keep the orcs, the dark elves and the evil sword knights away, the stronger they’ll get. So don’t hesitate to use powerful magic spells and awesome power-ups in the battle to protect yourself against the attacking hordes.

Moreover, you can easily earn extra lives to enjoy even more fun in this fantastic game: Simply by walking and using the integrated step counter. So what are you waiting for? Take up the challenge and get 'Guns ’n’ Glory Heroes Wear’ for your wearable.


Enjoy the wearable optimized spin-off of our classic tower defense game ‘Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes’.
Fight against orcs, dark elves and evil knights.
Unleash the power of magical spells like the mighty fire ball.
Collect great power-ups for stronger attacks.
Control easily via the touch screen of your watch.
Play directly on your wearable device.
Earn bonus hearts by making steps.

Now optimised for the new Moto 360 and Sony SmartWatch 3.
‘Guns ’n’ Glory Heroes Wear’ is compatible with Moto 360, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and SmartWatch 3.

Guns´n´Glory Heroes - Wear
Guns´n´Glory Heroes - Wear
Developer: HandyGames
Price: $0.99

Apps With Wear Support

Pixl Preview

Android Police review: [New App] Pixl Preview Allows Real-Time Previews Of Photoshop Designs And Pushes Images Directly To Photoshop

Pixl Preview came out earlier this year with the ability to mirror your Photoshop designs in real time on a phone or tablet. That might be useful in some instances, but on a watch? Yeah, Pixl Preview runs on Android Wear now. Don't scoff too soon, though. You could use this to get app and watch face designs on your Wear device as you're working. Granted, this has niche appeal, but it's free.


Pixl Preview lets you view your Photoshop® designs on your Android device in real-time. Get an accurate look and feel of your designs the moment you're making them, and instantly get an on-device image of all your iterations and tweaks.
Additionally you can also send any screenshots or images from your device straight to Adobe® Photoshop®.

- Connect directly to Adobe® Photoshop® (CS5 and up)
- No additional desktop software required
- Send any screenshots or images from your device straight to Adobe® Photoshop®
- Intelligent content-based system bar hiding, made for Android 4.4
- Free and no ads
- A lot more to come

Pixl Preview
Pixl Preview
Developer: Waffle Ware Apps
Price: Free

Class Time - Timetable

I graduated from college years ago, but I still occasionally have nightmares wherein I'm back in school and have somehow forgotten to go to all my classes all semester. The only explanation for this is that I subconsciously hate myself. Perhaps this dream would end differently if I had Class Time. It helps you keep track of all your classes, and now it has Android Wear support. See what's coming up and where from your wrist. I would totally use this if I was still in school, but I'm not. Thank goodness.


Discover the newest timetable, which always presents you with the current situation.
On your phone and on your watch.

The Now tab informs you about:
• the current class and time left to it's inevitable end, ; )
• the name of your next class and room number,
• time left until your classes begin and breaks end.

The Time Table tab shows the weekly schedule for each day, where you can not only read the names of your classes, but also starting and ending hours and classroom numbers.

The application allows you to edit, save and share your timetable with friends in an easy way.
You can input more schedules and switch between them, and for each of your timetables you can change the default duration of classes, breaktimes or day start time.

You can also import your schedules from a calendar, like Google Calendar.


54 34

Class Time - Timetable
Class Time - Timetable
Developer: Nohus Software
Price: Free+

Chaos Control - GTD Task List

Chaos Control is a business-oriented to-do manager with multiple lists, time management, calendar integration, and more. With the most recent update, it also supports Android Wear so you can see all the stuff you're supposed to be doing on your wrist. Neat?


Chaos Control is a GTD-based task manager and goal-driven to do list created specifically for entrepreneurs, startup owners, creatives and for busy people who have a lot on their plates.

Chaos Control is based on best ideas of GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology created by David Allen. Whether you are running a business, launching an app, working on a project or simply planning your holiday trip, Chaos Control is perfect to help you manage your goals, handle your priorities and organize your tasks to get things done.

Chaos Control is all about managing your tasks efficiently. No matter if you are launching a startup or simply creating a grocery list, you will be delighted how easy to do it with Chaos Control. And the best part — you can do both heavyweight project planning and simple things like shopping list management in one flexible app. Which is, by the way, available across all major mobile and desktop platforms with seamless sync.


Watch Faces

Editor's Note: Yes, Google has not released the official watch face API yet, and has advised developers to avoid publishing watch faces to the Play Store. However, these things exist, so we're listing them here. Some devs have already promised a swift update as soon as the API is available. There will be some bugs (like the taller cards blocking things), but a few of them take that into account. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

However, the recent rollout of Wear 4.4W.2 improves things with the option to hide cards on the watch face. These apps are finally usable despite Google dragging its feet on official support.

MINI Android Wear WatchFace

This watch face will probably not be everyone's style, but it's at least something different. MINI Android Wear Watch Face is supposed to look like the instrument panel in a MINI Cooper with an array of "LEDs" that indicate battery level and other stuff. It's free, so maybe you should take it for a drive.


The go2android Developer Team has inspired at the BMW MINI cabrio cockpit for this MINI Cooper WatchFace. In the original the "Always Open Timer" indicates the travel time with open top. And at this WatchFace the "driver" is presented the time in a clear manner.

As in original instrument panel of cars has our MINI Android Wear WatchFace indicator lights for a variety of functions that inform you quickly and safely.

In the free version is the inner Orange circle with 8 LEDs for the percentage of watch battery level. If the battery level is below 12.5% the last circle LED turns red and the battery icon comes on. If the smart watch now loaded again, both indicators change to the color green.

The other two LEDs indicates the bluetooth status and the airplane mode. If bluetooth is activated on your phone, so this is displayed with a blue LED. Is the airplane mode (under settings) disabled, the green LED lights - is the Airplane mode activated, the LED turns off and indicates that all radio units are disabled.

With the Pro version of the MINI Android Wear WatchFace and the soon available Android Wear "WatchFace 2GO" generator, the user is able to customize the LEDs according to his wishes.
Status information of the connected smartphone, such as an active WiFi, new Gmail, missed call, new SMS message or Hangout, are just a few of many possibilities, which the user can select.

333 222


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Watch Face - Numeral

The Numeral watch face is for those of you with round watches who still kind of prefer digital faces. It seems like a shame to waste the roundness on boring old numbers, so Numeral has a little rotating second ring. There's also a date, battery level, and weather. The colors are customizable as well.


Numeral is a beautiful elegantly crafted digital watch face design with built in functionality. The digital face features a quick view status of time, date and day.

New Updates Include
• Settings panel
• Color options
• Battery indicator and %
• Smooth second on / off option
• Second hand fade in after wake
• European date format option
• Weather
• Weather sync frequency
• Fahrenheit unit option


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Aviator Watch Face

I've actually used this watch face a fair amount on my watches. It has all the info I could want at a glance and it looks kind of like a real watch face without being cluttered. This one has customizable colors too.


In the pioneering days of aviation, most pilots had to navigate with the help of watches. These aeronautic watches needed to be legible, tough, accurate and reliable, and at the same time spectacular when rolling up the sleeves of a flight jacket.

This analog watch face unites the character of an aeronautic watch with modern smartwatch functionality.

Custom features

The iconic customized watchface features:

★ Pilot watchface with superb readability
★ Battery indicator
★ Date and day of week
★ Weather conditions
★ Advanced and luxury design



Skymaster Pilot Watch Face
Skymaster Pilot Watch Face
Developer: Zuhanden
Price: $0.99

Pujie Black - Wear Watch Face

You'll have to forgive me as I gush a little, but this is far and away my favorite third-party watch face on Android Wear right now. This watch face has a huge number of options that can make it into your ideal digital or analog watch face. You can even mix elements and change up the colors. It includes dark gray and black themes (for AMOLED) as well as customizable additional indicators. The phone app that's used to tweak the settings is also really great. It offers a live preview of the changes you're making so you don't have to keep glancing back to the watch. This is so worth the money.


Pujie Black - Wear Watch Face

Customizable black watchface with animated battery, date and second indicators for Android Wear.

The app contains a customization app, where the user can select several settings and colors.

The watchface contains:

* Optional digital clock (24hr or 12hr, seconds are optional)
* Optional analog clock hands
* Weather indicator
* Optional circular indications of the time of day

* battery indicator, displaying colored ring. (red when lower than 20, orange when lower than 50, green otherwise)
* date indicator, displaying colored ring denoting the month progress
* dimmed state
* animations from dimmed state to visible state


Pujie Red - Wear Watch Face

This face comes from the developer of the Pujie Black above. it's also very cool, but doesn't have quite as many options. It still looks great and performs well on the Moto 360.


Pujie Red - Wear Watch Face

Modern red accented watchface with animated battery and date indicator for Android Wear.

The watch face contains:

* 3 watch hands (hour, minutes, seconds)
* battery indicator, displaying colored ring. (red when lower than 20, orange when lower than 50, green otherwise)
* date indicator, displaying colored ring denoting the month progress
* highly visible watch hands
* dimmed state
* animations from dimmed state to visible state


Pujie Red - Wear Watch Face
Pujie Red - Wear Watch Face
Developer: Pujie
Price: $0.99

Pujie Blue - Wear Watch Face

This watch face is like the one right above, but it's blue. Again, it's a nice watch face without much in the way of options. If you're going to give this developer money, get Pujie Black.


Pujie Blue - Wear Watch Face

Modern blue accented watchface with animated battery and date indicator for Android Wear.

The watch face contains:

* 3 watch hands (hour, minutes, seconds)
* battery indicator, displaying colored ring. (red when lower than 20, orange when lower than 50, green otherwise)
* date indicator, displaying colored ring denoting the month progress
* highly visible watch hands
* dimmed state
* animations from dimmed state to visible state


Pujie Blue - Wear Watch Face
Pujie Blue - Wear Watch Face
Developer: Pujie
Price: $0.99

InstaWeather for Android Wear

This one could be listed as a watch face or an app, but I'm going to go with watch face because that's where most of the functionality is. InstaWeather adds multiple forecast and live weather radar watch faces to your device, but also an app that you can open to see the current conditions and simplified forecast. It's not as robust as a real weather app would be, but like I said, it's mostly about watch faces.


1st Weather Radar watch face for Android Wear.
Check if rain is coming, directly on your wrist.
Start Trek style gadget, looks cool, works live.
This App enables hidden ;) Weather Radar for your Android Wear Watch.

Weather Radar (rain and snow) works in US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (southern part only), Switzerland
Satellite coverage (visible and infrared - everywhere else)
In US it includes HD Radar information from NOAA

ByssWeather for Wear OS
ByssWeather for Wear OS
Developer: byss mobile
Price: Free+

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