Motorola took the premium materials one step further this year with the option to buy a Moto X clad in premium Horween leather, then someone at Verizon thought it would be cool to slap some football leather on it. The result, as you can see below is kind of ugly. Maybe it looks nicer in real life?

The football back is exclusive to Verizon and not listed in Moto Maker. You have to go through Verizon's site to get it, and it adds $50 to the price just like the other leathers. Since there's no customization included with the default Verizon selections, it's black front only. Otherwise, this is the same Moto X you can get elsewhere.

Aesthetics are highly personal, so I'm sure some people will be down with the football texture. I kind of think they should have just gone for it and put some laces on the back, but oh well.