The Galaxy Alpha isn't Samsung's most powerful phone, but it has made a name for itself regardless. Specs aren't everything, and folks are excited just to see a company so enamored with plastic take a chance with metal. The Alpha's aluminum band may not make the handset look all that distinctive in pictures, but it makes a difference in person.

This design may have attracted some users to the phone who would have otherwise been put off by TouchWiz. Fortunately for the more adventurous among them, there's the possibility of installing a custom ROM at some point down the road. To do that, they will need a good custom recovery. And when we think "good custom recovery," our minds turn to the TeamWin Recovery Project. As it turns out, those fine folks have decided to release a version of their recovery for the Galaxy Alpha.


TWRP won't customize your phone, but it's the kind of tool you need to really dive under the hood. With it, you can create backups of your device that can save your hide down the road if something goes wrong. It can also flash .zips and custom ROMs.

For instructions on how to install TWRP on the Galaxy Alpha, head over to the source link below.

Source: TeamWin