Many Android users in Brazil have surely, at some point in time, wished they could give a friend the gift of Google Play. Others have probably longed for the ability to translate cold, hard cash into apps and other digital content. Well Google is ready to satiate their desires. Play Store gift cards have started rolling out to various retailers across Brazil.

Screenshot 2014-11-07 at 9.58.04 AM

These plastic representations of money come in increments of R$30, R$50, and R$100. Keying their associated codes into your accounts will add the amount to your Google Play balance, which cannot go over R$1,500 at any given time. But with that much money stockpiled up, you could buy your way through every worthwhile app or game in the store and still be set for quite some time to come.

You can see a list of retailers stocking gift cards and more information on the Brazilian Google Play gift card page.

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