People all over the world can create apps and get them into the Play Store, where millions of users can potentially download their software. The thing is, not everyone is able to get paid for their work. To charge money for an app, you need to live in one of the supported places. Today seven areas have joined the list. This brings the number up to just over sixty.

  • Jordan (US Dollars)
  • Lebanon (Lebanese Pounds)
  • Oman (US Dollars)
  • Pakistan (Pakistani Rupees)
  • Puerto Rico (US Dollars)
  • Qatar (US Dollars)
  • Venezuela (US Dollars)

For clarification, residents could already download and pay for content in these areas. This news concerns developers, the folks who could publish apps but not charge money for them. Now they're able to request upfront payment or draw in revenue through in-app purchases. All of these recent entries, with the exception of Lebanon and Pakistan, can charge in US dollars.

If you're a developer looking to get started, just head over to the Google Play Developer Console. Those of you who haven't published an app before should have your credit card ready, as there's a $25 registration fee.

Source: Google Play