The American Red Cross has produced no shortage of high-quality Android apps. When we see the organization's name pop up in the Play Store, we generally know that we're in for something good, possibly even life-saving.

Well, things are a little different this time. You see, the Red Cross's latest app is actually a game for kids. It goes by the name of Monster Guard: Prepare for Emergencies.

Monster1 Monster2


Many of the organization's previous apps can help parents or family members take care of children, but this is the first one that's explicitly designed for people aged 7 - 11.

Over the course of fifteen training sessions, kids will learn what to do during house fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other dangerous situations. Playing as one of five characters, they get to apply their skills through numerous challenges.

You don't have to watch much of the trailer to see that this is definitely an educational game, and it probably won't hold anyone above the target demographic's attention. But that's okay. This is a Disney-sponsored program with hopefully the right combination of adorableness and fun to grip a child's interest long enough for the content to sink in, and that's what matters here.

Monster Guard
Monster Guard
Developer: American Red Cross
Price: Free