The Ouya has not taken the gaming world by storm as its supporters hoped, but it's still ticking along. In the latest update, users can look forward to more community content, deals on game bundles, and a few odds and ends for developers.


Here's the full changelog posted to the Ouya blog.

  • We’ve added support for “Community Content”.

    • This feature will allow games to upload content that YOU create, so we can feature it in DISCOVER.

    • As games take advantage of this new feature, you’ll start to see content created by gamers featured in DISCOVER and on the Home screen.

    • BattleRoom and a DUCK GAME update are both coming soon – and will utilize this new feature.

    • Developers will get full details on how to integrate with Community Content in a Dev newsletter.

  • We now support Bundles, so check out our first bundle of ChoplifterHD and The Bard’s Tale from inXile! More bundles to follow…

  • The OUYA interface has undergone an under-the-hood revamp with some over-the-hood touches.

    • Scrolling in DISCOVER is a much smoother experience now.

    • You’ll notice some animation improvements throughout the OUYA experience. We’ve taken some time to add little touches of polish that we hope you all enjoy.

    • Loading times have been slightly improved across the board.

  • Check the OUYA Presents video series in DISCOVER!

    • Bob will take you through some of the awesome games OUYA has to offer – complete with PROTIPS and silliness.

    • We’ve already got over a dozen videos to check out, with new ones added each week.

  • Fixed an issue where exiting a game wasn’t returning to the set default launcher

  • Limited the number of downloads in the queue to 10 – this fixes a few bugs that could occur with large numbers of queued downloads.

  • Fixed an issue on the pairing screen where the incorrect number of connected controller would display.

  • Patched a few Android security issues related to the Masterkey vulnerability.

  • The usual misc bug fixes.

For Developers

  • MAKE -> TUTORIALS has new videos from Alex, Bob, and Nick!

    • “Monetization Tips” provides information about monetization types and what might work best for your game.

    • “Product Types” walks you through the different products we support so you can easily figure out what’s the best fit for you and your game.

    • “More About Products” dives into some details and advanced functionality to take advantage of the OUYA products system.

  • We’ve cleaned up the Unity plugin to make it much more simple to install and use.

  • If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve revamped the Game upload and edit sections of the Dev Portal (

    • Provided more clarity around which sections still need to be filled out in order to submit a build.

    • Removed a bunch of confusing details and re-did the page layout to focus on the most commonly completed actions.

As you can see, it's a sizeable update. The ability to upload content to games could be cool if developers get behind it (for example, level editors). There are almost 1000 titles on the Ouya right now, so maybe that'll happen. The bundles should make series or episodic games a bit more affordable. Every little bit counts when you don't have access to Ouya content on your other Android devices.

If you are still using your Ouya, head to the update menu and grab Chickcharney, which by the way is a cryptozoological critter that's kind of like an owl with arms.