HTC has dropped its Weather app into the Play Store. Forecasts suggest that it will only impact people who own one of the manufacturer's more recent phones running Android 4.4 or higher. Even then, there's a slight chance that it won't work on certain seemingly eligible devices just yet. With any luck, this problem will dissipate over the coming days.

HTC Weather can take the place of your local weather forecaster. Instead of waiting for the evening report (or just googling it), this app can be all you need to keep up with the forecast over the next seven days. When the situation calls for more precise details, you can zoom in to the daily view and get hourly predictions.

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HTC Weather shows what the temperature is outside, along with what it actually feels like. The app supplements this information with precipitation, humidity, visibility, wind speed, and sunrise/sunset times. The data comes from and is very accessible, with the interface designed to save you any more taps than are necessary to get to what you're looking for.

This weather app comes pre-installed on several HTC phones, and those are the ones that stand to benefit from its presence on the Play Store. This way the company can roll out updates more quickly, which sure beats waiting for a firmware update.

HTC Weather
HTC Weather
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free