The popular exercise tracker RunKeepr is getting an update today to work with Google's new fitness platform. The addition of Google Fit is the only change this time around, and it's an unassuming update. In fact, you might never know it was there unless you dig into the settings.

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Google Fit is, of course, Mountain View's new service for syncing and managing fitness data from multiple apps. The Fit app plugs into Android Wear, as well as a few third party apps to bring together your workout data. It's less obvious than Runtastic, which had a big splash screen for Fit.

To activate RunKeeper's Fit integration head into the settings and scroll down to Sharing Settings. There you'll see Google Fit as an option. Just tap and select the account you want to use. All the data logged by RunKeeper should go into Keep and be counted toward the goals you've set there.