If you want to wear something that can provide a rough estimate of how active you are each day, there are no shortage of options. Now Jawbone is giving consumers two more. The company has announced a couple of activity trackers that it hopes will appeal to different types of people, with one of them showing off some rather advanced tech.

For starters, we have the $49.99 UP MOVE, an entry-level alternative to Jawbone's fitness bands. It's a circular device that fits into a clip, which you can then tuck somewhere along your belt, pants, or bra. The UP3 has features comparable to the company's UP and UP24 bands, so buyers can still sync it up to the same Android app. The UP MOVE's LED lights can display your progress towards a particular goal, and Jawbone says its replaceable battery should last up to six months.

As for colors, there are five to choose from, with bands coming in purple, black, yellow, gray, and red.


If the UP MOVE is about enticing new people towards this type of product, the UP3 is where Jawbone ups its game. You have your usual features, the ability to track sleep, and the like, but this time the company has also included the ability to monitor your heart rate. That's right, seemingly every new tech product you can strap to wrist this fall will tout this feature.

But Jawbone's band goes a step further. The UP3 can measure physiological signals using bioimpedance sensors, allowing it to detect respiration rate and galvanic skin response. It will also be able to detect body temperature. These additions are nothing to sniff at, and they give Jawbone an edge over the general competition.

When the UP3 launches, it will cost $179.99. The fitness band will be available in black or silver.

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The UP Android app has been updated with Smart Coach, your fitness guide that can provide you with context to flesh out the numbers and offer up good suggestions each day. You need the UP3 to take advantage of this feature.


For other reasons to pick up this year's revision, hit up any of the links below.

The UP Move is already available for pre-order from Jawbone. It will go on sale at Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Target later this month. The UP3 will be available for purchase directly from Jawbone's site, Apple stores, and Best Buy later this year.

UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
Developer: Jawbone
Price: Free

Source: Jawbone [1], [2], [3]