I'm not sure there's ever been a time I found myself needing access to Internet Explorer on Android, but now I'll be prepared if that ever does come up. Microsoft's new RemoteIE preview program lets you access a remote version of IE running in the cloud on almost any device. All you need is a Microsoft account and an app.

2014-11-03 21.37.10

Hit the Microsoft website to opt into the trial and log in with your Microsoft account. After that's done, you'll have to download the Azure RemoteApp client for your platform, which in the case of Android is the Remote Desktop app. Use the drop down at the top to choose "Microsoft RemoteApp" and allow access to IE.

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It takes a second to connect, but IE definitely works on Android. So how 'bout that? You can browse the web, see how sites render on desktop IE, and see Windows error messages on your phone. To be fair, it's a preview version of IE and fun to play around with in any case. Sessions are limited to 60 minutes to conserve server resources, though.