AT&T will start selling the Moto 360 on November 7th, and it's willing to take $50 off the price if you pick up this year's Moto X at the same time. The company wants you to view this offer as a deal, and like everything having to do with major carriers in the US, that depends.

Moto360 Motox

If you have no desire to own the Moto X, then this is a pretty deep hole to jump into just to save $50 on a smartwatch. If you're not a customer with AT&T, switching over to the carrier may end up costing much more than $50 depending on who you're switching from, considering that its cellular service is among the priciest in the country.

But for the limited number of you who are already with AT&T (or are open to switching) and want a new Moto X along with a Moto 360 (but haven't already purchased either), why not save 50 bucks? This offer will last for a limited time.

Source: AT&T