LG and Samsung got the Android Wear party started, releasing the G Watch and Gear Live, respectively. Those watches only need Google's Wear app to function, but Motorola changed the formula a bit with the Moto 360, tying the watch to the existing Motorola Connect app. For the upcoming ZenWatch, ASUS is beating them all (well, sort of) with three separate watch-focused apps.

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The first new ASUS app is simply titled "ZenWatch Manager," and it's essentially a remote setup function for your watch on your phone screen. Its all-blue interface allows you to change simple settings like the watch face, the ambient mode, and enabling your phone to bypass its lock screen when paired. A few mini-apps are added via Watch Manager, like a compass (which Android Wear already had) and a "flashlight." Some of the watch faces do look rather nice, though not exactly "professinal." Ah, ASUS English translation, how I've missed you.

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The Remote Camera app is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a remote viewfinder and shutter control for your ZenWatch. Interestingly, it's compatible with any Android device running 4.3 or higher, and the description says that it will work with "your ASUS ZenWatch or other Android wearable." A quick test shows that it works fine with the Moto 360. How 'bout that. There's also a "twist to capture" function, but it's very awkward in practice.


ASUS Wellness is more or less the same basic fitness app you've seen elsewhere, plus ASUS. Its interface is nice, and the activity tracker has a few extras like a timeline view that shows you exactly what you did and when. But I have a feeling that a lack of integration with other services means those who already have a favorite tracking system won't be swayed.

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The ZenWatch still doesn't have an official release date or price, but with these apps published in the Play Store, it probably won't be too far away.

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Price: To be announced