While Google did skip October, platform version numbers are back, this time for November. Back in September we saw KitKat's gains continuing, and this month seems little different - in the two months since September, KitKat added another 5.7%, or about 2.8% per month. This is a slightly decline in pace, to be sure. In September, KitKat added 3.6% in a one-month timespan, so 7.2%+ would have been needed to maintain that pace.


Gingerbread continues to decline, down another 1.6%, and ICS is down 1.1%, as well. Jelly Bean saw a net loss of around 2.9% compared to September's numbers, though 4.2 creeped up one tenth of a percent - probably owing to cheap tablet sales. A lot of those ship with Android 4.2 for some reason.

Froyo lost a slight bit of ground, though is still hanging on at 0.6%.

With Lollipop's release, we get to start the cycle of growth and decline all over again. Yay.

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