Google's apps, alongside Facebook's, remain the only Android apps to reach over 500 million users. Some of the tech giant's offerings, such as Gmail and YouTube, have even managed more than a billion downloads.

Now Play Movies & TV has become the company's latest app to join the former category. On Google Play, it resides in the 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 range.

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This is a significant achievement for Play Movies, a brand that has only really been around since the Android Market turned into the Play Store not much more than a couple of years ago. While the service has expanded into many countries, TV shows are only available in a handful. The selection of content also varies with location, giving users in some places more reason to dive into the app than people living elsewhere.

The inability to downloaded DRM-free versions of purchased movies bums me out, but that's a restriction that's placed on Google's competitors as well. This really limits how often I turn to the service, but Play Movies remains the fastest way to rent a relatively new movie on an Android device. That alone makes it worth a look every now and then.

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