Sometimes buses arrive a little late. Depending on where you live, they occasionally even arrive on time. Greyhound has now released an official Android app, after having replicated this experience pretty well. It's not necessarily a problem to wait until Android and iOS have been around for several years before making an app, but with Greyhound having launched one for its BoltBus line half a year ago, this release does feel a little behind schedule.

Nevertheless, the new Greyhound app provides the core functionality you would want from a bus-taking experience. Users can pull up schedules, book trips, find the nearest terminal, and take advantage of discounts.

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There's a caveat, though. Users can only use the app to book trips that begin in the US. That said, the app is a free download, and it's more convenient than pulling out a computer.

Greyhound Lines
Greyhound Lines
Developer: Greyhound Lines Inc
Price: Free