It's challenging to differentiate yourself in a field crowded by the likes of Evernote, Todoist, and Wunderlist. All of these services can manage your lists just fine, and they can each sync across whichever devices you want them to. So what does have up its sleeve for its big 2.0 release?

This time, it's all about collaboration, as the team has expanded on how users share tasks. They want the service to be the tool you and your significant other turn towards to manage your shopping lists and other tasks that require you to be on the same page. Likewise, the team sees its app as the best option for other teams to use to get work done and stay organized.

The app lets you add items to other people's lists, assign tasks to team members, and share notes. Users can attach 5MB files to any tasks using's new Dropbox integration or local storage. Visually, the tweaked UI remains as clean as ever.

Any1 Any2 Any3

To monetize the service, the team is introducing Premium. With it, users can remove the file size restriction and attach files of any size. By default, people can only collaborate with one other person on tasks, but paying up allows for an unlimited number of people to work together.

Premium users can also take advantage of fully customizable backgrounds and change the app's background color to something that feels more personal.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 at 11.33.32 AM Premium will go for $5 a month or $45 a year, but people who subscribe in the next two weeks can pay a discounted launch rate of $3 a month or $27 altogether. 2.0: A Powerfully Adaptive Tool For Connecting Home, Work, and Life

Our biggest release to-date, 2.0 brings our core design philosophies to all parts of life, letting users manage themselves, their families, and their teams in one place.

October 30, 2014 | San Francisco, CA: 2.0 is the next step in our evolution for the 11M+ users who’ve made an integral part of their daily lives. We believe in simple tools for organization, that ‘more’ is not necessarily ‘better’, and that the key to managing one’s life is to handle it all in one place, with one app. We launched with individual simplicity in mind, and today we’re launching 2.0 with the belief that individual simplicity can be even more powerul when applied to the families and work teams that connect all of us. 2.0 was inspired by our users, people who were adopting in new ways that we hadn’t seen before - for their businesses, their families, informal groups of friends planning birthday parties, and work teams organizing major projects. They weren’t looking for a separate “business” or “family” app. They wanted to apply the fluidity and ease of to all parts of their lives.

That’s why we’ve revamped to streamline your entire life from top to bottom, without the friction and time suck that come from using disparate apps. Copying and pasting notes from a work memo to a personal task list, sorting through multiple email chains to catch up on a group discussion, getting numerous texts or phone calls from a spouse asking to “add one more thing to that grocery list”... we deal with little inefficiencies all day long - inefficiencies that add up to a significant loss of time and focus.

With a set of new collaboration and sharing features optimized for all of our collective ‘lives’ throughout the day, 2.0 does away with the hundreds of daily friction points that eat away at the modern individual’s productivity so users can stay in the flow of a productive day, all day long.

For Modern Families can now simply replace your Honey-do list. Spouses and families can instantly share and communicate around tasks, update notes and handle daily to-dos while remaining perfectly coordinated. No more forgotten grocery lists or sidelined family projects. Excel at home just as you do at work, and keep your family productive.

For Work Teams, Entrepreneurs, and Today’s Freelance Nation 2.0 offers a simple and powerful workspace for getting things done with rich communication features, file sharing, and project-centered collaboration. Work teams keep all project-related discussions and planning in one place so everyone is up-to-date and on task. Upgrading to Premium means even more collaboration, and it’s perhaps the smallest, yet most impactful thing you’ll expense for your business all year long.

Adaptive productivity features that work the way you do

You can still use the way you always have, but the deeper you go into project and team management, the more features you’ll be able to use for exactly your needs. 2.0 has the same clean and intuitive interface we’re known for but also delivers powerful productivity features when you need them.

Simply manage your team or your family

Whether you need to share and update a grocery list with a spouse or organize a team project with deliverables, subtasks and deadlines, 2.0 was made for easy group collaboration. Add “ketchup” to your husband’s grocery list while he’s shopping in the store, or assign tasks to team members working on a major client presentation - 2.0 let’s you easily work with others, share deliverables and notes, and assign to-dos for any task list. Collaborate with one other member on a task, or upgrade to Premium for unlimited members.

Increase your productivity with notes, file attachments, and Dropbox

Ticking off items on a list, shared or otherwise, isn’t true productivity. We added a selection of useful note-taking features, as well as Dropbox integration, so you can unlock the potential of the group for new ideas, opportunities, and solutions. 2.0 users can add up to 5MB files to any task directly from Dropbox in just a couple clicks, or recorded audio, video, or pictures taken on their mobile. Premium users can go even further with unlimited file sizes, no matter the type.

Fully customizable reminders for any schedule Premium offers fully customizable reminders for anything from bi-weekly meetings to every-other-day phone calls to Mom. Get reminders exactly when you need them for any task.

Make it your own with new custom backgrounds

Premium iOS and Android users can also choose from multiple background color options to suit their tastes. Personalize your with a color to match your mood.

Perfectly synced across all your devices

Enjoy 2.0 on iPhone, Android, Web, and Chrome and have all of your to-do’s synced across all devices, regardless of where you are.

“Most of our users have work lives, family lives, and personal lives, but I think the modern task app user doesn’t see those things in separate silos anymore,” says founder and CEO Omer Perchik. “It’s more like they’re in the business of life. All of those elements are part of a much bigger portfolio of experiences and aspirations. People want to be the best version of themselves across the board, and that means bringing all the features they need into one app, not separate ones for each ‘life’. That’s the lens through which we created 2.0, and that’s what makes it different.” 2.0 is available for free on Android, iPhone, and Web. Users can upgrade to Premium in the next 14 days with our special launch price of $3 per month or $27 per year (which will revert to our regular $5 per month/ $45 per year thereafter).