Google has pushed out a new version of Play Books with material design, but it's not just a different look. Version 3.2 might change the way you read books on your device. It certainly looks nicer, but you can also easily skim through a book with a flick.

What’s New

The first things you'll notice are the use of the colored status bar, new animations, and a redesigned navigation menu. When you're reading a book, tapping in the center no longer just brings up an action bar. It now zooms out to show pages as a filmstrip that you can slide through. There's also the usual progress slider at the bottom to jump around. It's a neat interface.

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File name:

Version: 3.2.55 (30255) (Android 4.0+).

MD5: 97901694b4d9f448c681a64fd49cd012.