If you're going to waste time on Reddit, you might as well do it in style. Reddit News has always been reliable, but now it's pretty stylish too with a big update to v7. What's included? Material stuff. You like that, right?

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Here's the full changelog from the new version.

  • Every screen beautifully redesigned
  • Delightful animations throughout
  • Vastly improved comment navigation
  • Comprehensive moderator features
  • Support for Gfycat and imgurs gifv format
  • Brand new icon
  • SSL support for added security
  • Even more customizable, including several new font styles
  • And much much more

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Okay, let's skip the part where we all point out the parts of the app that are not sufficiently material. The app includes some nifty animations, floating action buttons, and navigation menus. So it's a nice improvement no matter what you want to call it. Comments and links now load at the same time and you can easily swipe between them. The whole app also looks a bit cleaner overall, and you can pick your theme. There are some pics of the old version below for comparison.

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Relay for reddit (Pro)
Relay for reddit (Pro)
Developer: DBrady
Price: $3.99

Relay for reddit
Relay for reddit
Developer: DBrady
Price: Free+