Have you had your fill of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns? Well, too bad—Reddit has launched its own crowd funding tool called Redditmade. It's a way for Redditors to fund their idea "with no upfront costs or risk." Technically, there is risk, but it's all on the backers.

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Redditmade is currently heavy on t-shirts. In fact, the official instructions come in two versions— one for t-shirts and another for everything else. The t-shirts, mugs, and other small stuff will me made with the help of Reddit's partners. You can use Redditmade to raise funds for charity as well, which Kickstarter doesn't allow. What few actual products there are on the service now are fairly standard; nothing scammy or weird.

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Reddit's angle is that sub-Reddits can basically create custom products for their members, and maybe get a product of some sort off the ground. It's all handled through Reddit user names, so campaigns never get your personal information. Redditmade is in beta right now, but several t-shirt projects are already pulling in a sizeable chunk of money.

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