Primer: Marketing for Startups isn't like most of Google's other Android apps. For starters, it's the first to appear in the Play Store under the publisher "Google Learn." The app also happens to be such a niche product that only a specific target demographic will benefit from it.

As the name says, Primer is aimed at helping startups manage their marketing efforts. A great deal of work and knowledge goes into getting a new brand in front of consumers and establishing awareness. This app offers short five-minute lessons that supply users with the jargon-free information they need to know to get started. And since Google makes a search engine, startups can expect to walk away with at least a basic understanding of how to better appear in the list of results.

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Naturally, there's more to marketing than what this single app can tell you, but it beats going into the situation entirely unprepared, and it could be a useful resource for development studios consisting of just a single person or a couple of teammates.

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Primer: Marketing for Startups is a pilot program, but it's available to anyone who wants it, just so long as you're trying to install it on a phone and not a tablet. Phones are cooler anyway. Marketing taught me that.

Google Primer
Google Primer
Developer: Google Learn Apps
Price: Free

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