Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have all received some love today, though the visual changes here are minor. For the most part, these apps were already all material-ed up, and while this update does dot some i's and cross some t's, it doesn't quite leave us satisfied. Fortunately that's not all there is to see here.

What's New

Let's get the biggest visual tweak out of the way first. Yes, Google has changed the hamburger menu icon in the action bar. No, it still doesn't match the majority of its other updated apps.

Put bluntly, it's squished, and this doesn't change regardless of whether you open the sidebar.

Slides2 Slides1

This look is consistent across Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Another change that appears across all three apps is the addition of an "Incoming" section in the sidebar that consolidates all of the files that other people have shared with you. This is visible in the second image above.

Turning our attention back to material-related changes, there's a new refresh animation.


In Docs in particular, a new "Make a copy" option has appeared under "Share & export" that lets you create a new document using the current one as a template. It's a feature that makes much more sense if you don't use a blank document like I have in the screenshot below.


While you're still in Docs, hotkeys such as Ctrl+C should work more reliably while using a Bluetooth keyboard. This comes just in time for the Nexus 9 and its keyboard case.

As for Sheets, users can now tap and drag to select a range while editing a formula. It's the kind of improvement that only spreadsheet aficionados will get excited over.


Each of the following APKs have been signed signed by Google and upgrade your existing apps. The cryptographic signature guarantees that each file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push these downloads to your devices, which can take days, download and install them just like any other APKs.

File name:

Version: 1.3.422.14.35 (44221435) (Android 4.0+).

MD5: 5841d4c171778d4783fd214e56f5fff5.


File name:

Version: 1.3.422.12.35 (44221235) (Android 4.0+).

MD5: 91e0ebdfe33a2b1a93ea03e6f42d2079.


File name:

Version: 1.0.952.14.35 (44221435) (Android 4.0+).

MD5: 29121e451bb29a5efdeeef398d811096.


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