Fancy a night on the town? Goldstar is a popular deal site that can get you tickets to events like stage shows and sports for big discounts. Now it's even easier to make plans with the new Android app. Just tell it what you're into, and Goldstar suggests local deals.

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You can pick up to four general categories like theater, movies, sports, and so on. The app will adjust the deals it shows based on that, but also uses (optional) push notifications to alert you to particularly good deals. It lists tickets for Ticketmaster, NBA, HFL, Cirque du Soleil, and much more. You might even be offered free tickets from time to time.

Checkout is handled in the app, and it can display e-tickets for some events. It also appears to have a few material-inspired elements. If you're already a Goldstar user, you might as well grab it. A word of caution, you can only sign up with an email or Facebook.