If you've seen a couple of your friends flood their social feeds with single-panel comic strips starring people they know, chances are they didn't all suddenly learn how to draw at once. More than likely, they've all developed an affection for Bitstrips, a means for people to easily create avatars and inject them into comical situations.

There's an Android app out that lets you have fun from a mobile device, but if you really want to inject these characters into your daily life, you're going to want Bitmoji, the company's latest release.

As the name implies, Bitmoji takes your avatar and uses it to create a large number of emoji that you can then paste into your chats or other apps. If you don't already have a character, the app will prompt you to create one and provide the tools for doing so. Afterwards, things are as simple as picking the most appropriate image for the situation and selecting the app you want to paste it into.

Here is my attempt at creating an avatar that looks like me.

Screenshot_2014-10-29-15-31-44 Screenshot_2014-10-29-15-33-55 Screenshot_2014-10-29-15-39-15

Bitmoji is free to use, so if you're ready to apply a little more personality to your emoticons, go ahead and give it a try.

Developer: Bitmoji
Price: Free