A reasonable person would expect Sony to release a single companion app for its SmartBand Talk activity tracker, which comes equipped with a small e-ink display. In this case, a reasonable person would be wrong. Sort of, anyway. Yes, there's one primary app for the SWR30, but you're going to need to install some separate extensions to get full use out of the fitness band once it hits store shelves next month.

Here are the five apps Sony released into the Play Store today. Once installed, you can look for the extensions inside the official companion app rather than your home screen.

SmartBand Talk SWR30

S1 S2 S3

The core companion app goes by the same name as the SmartBand Talk. This is the software you will need to connect the tracker to your smartphone and determine which activities are logged. Sony says the app is optimized for use with Xperia devices, but it's not an exclusive.

Smart Control Extension

SC1 SC2  SC3

This app will let you use the SmartBand Talk to toggle your phone's Wi-Fi or cellular radio. It can also detect your handset's battery level, activate the speaker, and switch audio modes.

Smart Badge Extension


This extension is the one you will need to manage your profile card. You can choose an illustration to associate with your account, provide your name, and insert whatever other information you desire.

World Clock Smart Extension


The world clock extension can show you the time in any city on the planet. There isn't much to say about it other than that.

Voice Note Smart Extension

V1 V2

This app will let you record a voice note using the SmartBand Talk. It can save those locally or upload them to an Evernote account.

These extensions join a list of older ones that can help SmartBand Talk wearers find their phone and manage their camera. In short, the company wants future buyers to get a great deal of use out of this year's revamped fitness tracker.