The market seems to have settled on $10 per month as a reasonable price for unlimited streaming music, which is a pretty good deal when you think about it. If you miss the supposed high fidelity of a real CD, you're pretty much out of luck—unless you use Tidal. This service costs $20 per month for lossless tunes, but there's now an Android app, so at least you have the option.

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The songs you can get from services like Google Play Music and Spotify usually top out at 320kbps, so they're missing some data in the interest of making file sizes smaller. Some people say they can tell the difference, but you really need quality speakers or headphones to have a chance. In addition to all those lossless songs, Tidal offers HD music videos and a curated selection of content.

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The app itself looks solid with a KitKat vibe and all the pre-material UI elements. Hey, give 'em a break. Lollipop isn't even out yet. You'll have to decide if $20 per month is a fair price to pay, but there's a 7-day trial waiting for you.