In this day and age, people increasingly dial a phone number expecting to reach you, not your house. As long as land lines are tied to a traditional phone, there's no way of knowing who's going to pick that thing up when it starts ringing, and people waiting on a call have to hover in the vicinity in order to hear it go off.

With Phone 2 Go, Time Warner Cable is giving customers the tools to free themselves from these restraints. The app lets users place calls, video chat, and send text messages using their home number regardless of whether they're anywhere near the house. It can also receive calls forwarded through their home service whenever someone is out and about.

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The app is a free add-on for existing accounts, and it works wherever there's Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. Users can permit up to five mobile devices to access their number.

Phone 2 Go's UI looks like Time Warner Cable hasn't seen an Android update since Gingerbread, but if the functionality works, then it may just be worth overlooking that as best you can.

Phone 2 Go
Phone 2 Go
Developer: Charter/Spectrum
Price: Free