Fast food, by definition, should be fast. But on a busy day, the wait to order can completely ruin this, making hungry folks wait just as long to get their food at Taco Bell as they would at a sit-down joint. Fortunately the company is doing something to address the situation. Android users can now download the Taco Bell app and place orders from anywhere, allowing them to skip the line when they step into the restaurant.

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Customers first select their local establishment, customize their order, and finalize the payment. Then they can take their phone to Taco Bell, skip the line, and show the person behind the counter their phone. They will then prepare your food on the spot. Yes, this means you still have to wait a bit, because the app doesn't let you select a pick-up time. On the flip side, at least your food will always be fresh. Well, as fresh as it's going to get, anyway.

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People can turn to the drive-thru if they prefer, though this largely negates the time saved, as there's no cutting to the front of that line. But it's there if you want to avoid as much human contact as possible. And with everyone inside filling up on beans, that's somewhat understandable.


  • Get exclusive offers and find out about new items first.
  • Browse your local menu by category.
  • Customize menu items.
  • Order your Taco Bell favorites.
  • Pay using a credit/debit card or a Taco Bell® Card.
  • Pick up anytime that day.
  • Buy, add, reload and use Taco Bell Cards.
  • Quickly reorder with our easy Rotate to Re-order feature.
  • Give and get Taco Bell E-Gifts.
  • View nutrition information.
  • Find a local Taco Bell.

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