There's only so much you can plug into a wall socket at one time. It's pretty easy math: each one can hold one plug, though there are ways to twist this math to your favor. You could always get a surge protector, but if you're looking to provide power to things that all rely on USB, you might want something that takes up less space.

With a Vority 6-port charger, you can provide power to up to six devices from a single power outlet. The USB hub is small enough to fit at the back of a desk or on top of a PC tower.

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The charger goes on Amazon for $39.99, but you can effectively get a 50% discount by entering the coupon code 8NZPPNOJ at checkout. This will give you $20 of promotional credit to apply to the purchase.


The Vority USB charger has three 2.4A and 1.0A ports apiece. It has a power switch that can cut off the flow to everything at once, and there's a soft LED light that lets you know when something is charging.

If all of this sounds good, hit up the link below.

6-Port Vority USB Charger on Amazon

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