Most watches don't have much in the way of accessories beyond straps and winders. But then most watches don't hold a ton of electronic guts, and most watches aren't owned by gadget fans with an obsessive need to keep their toys in pristine condition. To fill that need, a merchant on the 3D printing marketplace Shapeways is selling custom-made bumper cases for the Moto 360. Yeah, really.

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"Raelx" is offering the $8 cases in a variety of colors and styles. You can get a shorter one that covers only the circular edge of the Moto 360, leaving a thin band of metal visible around the screen, or a taller one that covers everything except the "flat tire" screen cutout. Gaps for the watch band and crown are included, and the cases come in a dozen colors each. The material is nylon plastic, and it's clearly a 3D printed product - you can see the layering effect in some of the photos of the brighter cases. That said, for $8, they look perfectly reasonable as far as quality is concerned.

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You might scoff at the idea of a case for a watch, but I'm sure some of our readers are putting in their payment info now. And for the more fashion-conscious, these bumper cases are cheap enough that you could buy them just to add some color to the Moto 360, maybe matching it with straps or outfits. Hey, I've seen worse ideas for cases... most of them on Etsy. You can sure as Hell expect large-scale manufacturers to get in on the act when the iWatch comes to market.

Source: Raelx on Shapeways - thanks, Joshua!