You might remember Robin Labs—it's the company behind that Yahoo voice assistant app and the possibly deadly Android-powered rear-view mirror. Now Robin Labs has launched a kind of real product called Less.Mail, but it's invite only and still in the early stages. Less.Mail is an app that leverages artificial intelligence to manage your email by voice.

So, the video sure makes it look magical. When asked to decline politely, Less.Mail manages to avoid cursing or sending naked selfies, so that's good. More importantly, it understands natural language rather than static voice commands. Robin Labs says 80% of the emails we deal with are routine—you type out the same basic things, so why not have a machine do it for you? It seems unlikely that Less.Mail works as well as it does in the demo video, but we can't know for sure yet.

Less.Mail is being rolled out to users slowly as capacity is added. You can sign up for access on the Robin Labs site, but no word on when (or if) everyone will be let in. I remain skeptical, but it'd be neat if it worked. If there's an option to have Less.Mail decline impolitely, I'm totally there.

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