Support for Google Play carrier billing has recently extended to a number of additional carriers scattered around the globe. A quick visit to the site's direct billing support page shows that four carriers spread between as many countries have joined the list of accepted companies.

Residents in New Zealand can now add their app payments to the 2degrees bills at the end of each month. The option is also available to Belgacom customers in Belgium and people who turn to M1 in Singapore. In Poland there's now Polkomtel / Plus.

You can see Belgacom in the screenshot below. Click on the image to view the others.

Screenshot 2014-10-27 at 2.30.42 PM

Carrier billing provides another way for people to purchase content from the Play Store without giving Google their credit card number, one that some may find less tedious than heading to the nearest place that sells gift cards. Other folks may just prefer to budget all of their phone-related expenses together into a single bill.

If you are a customer with any of these carriers that's been waiting to fire up Play Store billing, let us know how it goes.

Source: Google Play carrier billing support page