The Nexus Player's pre-order saga has been an interesting one to say the least. First the device went up for pre-order with its accompanying gamepad, then it was marked as 'out of inventory' because it hadn't passed the FCC certification just yet, and finally it became available for pre-order again a week ago. Its gamepad however, went out of stock about the same time the player's pre-orders were halted, but didn't return with it. Now, it's back again.


Available for $39.99 with an estimated shipping date of 3 to 4 weeks, the gamepad is a cool accessory for those who want to use the Nexus Player as a gaming console. It connects over Bluetooth and can be used in multiplayer mode (up to 4 simultaneous gamepads). Given how fast this gamepad sold out the last time it was available, you're better off ordering one now if you want it.

Gamepad for Nexus Player - Thanks Adam Nickerson and Don Gemus