After reports of skin rashes pushed Fitbit to recall its Force activity tracker at the beginning of this year, the company is now ready to bring the product's replacement to market. It's called the Charge, and it's joined by two other fitness bracelets packing more features and a higher cost.

The Charge comes with largely the same look and capabilities as the Force it replaces, providing the ability to track steps, follow sleep patterns, count floors climbed, see calories burned, and know who's calling. That's not to say that things are entirely the same. The Charge can track sleep automatically, which is a significant improvement over initiating the process manually (assuming it's reliable).

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Fitbit's selling the Charge for the same price as the Force: $129.99. It's available in black and slate, with blue and burgundy on the way.

The Charge HR takes the Charge's functionality and adds in a heart rate monitor. This makes the product a little wider and bumps the cost up to $149.99. The clasp that holds the Charge HR to your wrist also takes the form of a traditional watch band. It will come in black, blue, plum, and tangerine.

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At $249.99, the Surge will be Fitbit's most expensive tracker yet. It comes with a larger screen so wearers can keep up with more information at once. Instead of just calls, the screen will display music and text messages as well.

The Surge keeps the Charge HR's heart rate monitor and adds in a GPS tracker. This last perk is aimed at runners, who can use the bracelet to follow their routes and measure their pace.

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Though black and white, the Surge's screen responds to touch input. Inside, Fitbit has managed to cram in accelerometers, a gyroscope, a digital compass, and an ambient light sensor. The band will be available in black, blue, and tangerine.

The Charge is available for purchase now from the company's website. As for the Charge HR and the Surge, they're still listed as coming soon.

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