Update: According to this tweet from Moto Firmware, the DROID Turbo will launch on October 30th (two days after the announcement) and some retailers already have the phone in stock. The source is anonymous, so consider it rumor for now.


Do you appreciate the Nexus 6's bombastic hardware specs, but wish they came in a more compact form factor? Do you like the size of the Moto X 2014, and appreciate Motorola's software enhancements on top of Android? And perhaps most crucially, do you want (or need) to use Verizon, and are you OK with the carrier's standard excessive bloatware and "screw you" attitude towards customers vis-à-vis locked bootloaders? Then you're the primary customer base for the as-yet unannounced DROID Turbo.

Pretty much everything about the Turbo has been leaked thus far, with the exception of a retail launch date and price. When it hits Verizon stores sometime later this year, the box it comes in will look something like the photos above, leaked to Twitter by MotoFirmware. That same source posted a dump of the software from the Droid Turbo a couple of weeks ago.

The DROID Turbo follows in the footsteps of the Verizon-only DROID line, with hard, masculine design and a stealth bomber color scheme for both the phone and the box. The phone itself, according to all of the leaked specs, is basically a beefed-up version of the Moto X. It shares most of the same features, with a higher-resolution 2560x1440 screen, a larger 3900mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, a whopping 21MP camera, and a slightly faster Snapdragon 805 processor. The phone body is made out of Kevlar, as featured on previous DROID and RAZR designs, and the Turbo swaps virtual navigation buttons for capacitive buttons, like the 2013 DROIDs.

It seems that Verizon is going for a single DROID model this year, perhaps because the long-lasting DROID MAXX was the clear favorite among last year's crop. That does leave Verizon customers without an option for a smaller phone, a niche well-served by the DROID Mini and DROID RAZR M in the past. Verizon already has its own version of the Moto X 2014, and the Nexus 6 will have Verizon-compatible CDMA and LTE radio bands available at launch.

Verizon's DROID announcement will come on Tuesday of next week, according to promotional site droiddoes.com. Actual availability is up in the air, but if retail packaging is already being sent out, it can't be too far away.

Source: Moto Firmware (Twitter)