The midterm elections are fast approaching in the United States, and you know what that means: horrible commercials interrupting all of your football games. But it also means that citizens should sincerely evaluate candidates for local and national posts and make informed decisions while performing their civic duty. And if you'd like to do that without taking a few hours off of work in November, you can register to vote early in most states.

Google knows this, and appears to be inserting the relevant information into Google Now for people in certain areas. In addition to general election info that started appearing earlier this month, Twitter user Josh Witt (@guniv) saw a Google Now card alerting him that voters in his registration area could vote early at a local municipal building. Presumably more United States residents will begin seeing this message as early voting is enabled around the country in the lead-up to the official voting day, November 4th.

So far we've only seen voting information enabled in Google Now in the United States. Other countries and locations might get the option in the future, but Google has a history of being somewhat unhurried in expanding features to the international market. That said, the usual search-based website alerts should fill at least some of that function for users who stay on top of local and national politics, wherever they live.