Nest has apparently just acquired home automation firm Revolv for an undisclosed figure.

If you've not heard of Revolv, the company was an all-in-one smarthome "hub" solution that wanted to operate as communication nexus for all the stuff in your house. Sprinklers, lights, door locks, stereos, TVs, you name it. If you want an example, you can watch this incredibly awkward video.

Revolv actually supported compatibility with Nest through its $300 cylinder hub thingamajig and control app. The company's product never caught on in a big way, but did receive some critical acclaim for its versatility.

This essentially makes Revolv a Google company, along with recent Nest acquisition Dropcam. The Revolv team will work with Nest at their Boulder, CO office. Revolv's current products will be discontinued, as I imagine will be much in the way of support and features once the acquisition is completed.