Have you felt the call of video game development? Maybe you've seen some game featured in the news and thought, "That sucks, I can do way better." Well, put your money where your mouth is and prove it. StackSocial is giving customers the opportunity to name their own price and pick up two courses offered by Udemy on the topics of game development and design, or pick up two additional courses by beating the average price.


In case you're not familiar with Udemy, it's an online training service that currently offers over 20,000 courses on a very wide variety of topics. All of the content can be accessed with mobile clients available for Android and iOS, or directly through the website. The sessions available in this offer include:

Of course, you can purchase just the latter two of these courses for any price, or the whole bundle is available by matching the current average, which has been hovering right around $6.50 USD. StackSocial is also committing to donate 10% of each purchase to a choice of 3 charities, including: Child's Play, Creative Commons, and the World Wildlife Fund. Before buying, check out the descriptions, preview videos, and reviews at the links above, just to be sure you like how each session is delivered.

This deal is going until November 16th, so there's plenty of time to save up – you know, skip a couple of coffees, or something. In total, all 4 sessions add up to just a bit over 115 hours of video, plus some of them include additional code and graphical assets for following along with the instructors. You won't become an expert, but these should be a good starting point for anybody with some moderate programming skills (for the Unity course) or beginning graphic designers (for the art and painting courses). It's a pretty great deal if you're interested in either developing or designing graphics for a game.

Update: Article has been updated due to modifications made in the terms of the deal.

Name Your Own Price Game Design Bundle (StackSocial)