Android-powered desktops are a niche purchase, but there are use cases where one can come in handy. HP's aimed its Slate21 Pro PC at the business and education market, where having a virus-free machine that can browse the web and type up the occasional document is enough to fit the bill. The all-in-one generally retails for $379.99, but today Groupon is offering one up in new condition for just $249.99. That's a pretty substantial 34% discount off the MSRP and $50 less than what the PC goes for on Amazon.

Screenshot 2014-10-24 at 10.26.54 AM

The HP Slate21 Pro comes with Android 4.3, a 21-inch touch display, a 1.66Ghz quad-core processor, Tegra 4, 16GB of internal storage, a full-size SD card slot, three USB ports, one for HDMI, and a webcam. It probably doesn't have a bright future filled with updates, but if its current form is good enough, then $249.99 isn't a bad price to pick one up for. You have until supplies run out to make a decision.

$249.99 HP Slate 21 Pro on Groupon