Microsoft's employees have a lot of free time on their hands, what with taking forever between each update to their Windows Phone platform and other priority stalling operations. They like to use this free time in the Garage, developing apps for Android, just 'cause y'know, it's fun to imagine yourself working on cool projects for once. After Bing Torque, this Journeys & Notes app seems like a mash-up of some features from Foursquare, Field Trip, and The Traveler.

You check in to a trip, not a specific place. The app will recognize the path you're traveling and let you leave interesting (and anonymous) thoughts along the road or check the ones that were shared by others before you. As you travel, you may read someone's funny encounter, their deep thoughts, or an observation about a place or building. You never know.

The idea is curiously poetical. That's even visible from the app's Play Store description. Just take a moment to enjoy the sense of serenity and providence brought by these sentences:

Journeys & Notes [...] is a delightfully curious social app for the space between an origin and a destination. [...] The road may be long and lonely, but we help connect you with others along the journey. Leave behind notes for your fellow travelers to discover, or stumble across the serendipitous gems of wisdom shared by others.

Obviously, an app like this is only as interesting as the people who use it, so you must install this right away and start spreading the signature Android Police readers' wit for everyone to read. I want to see an "APK PLZ" pinned next to the Note 4 ads on my way to work tomorrow, 'K?

The app was not found in the store. :-(