Microsoft released a remote desktop app for Android just over a year ago, but now there's a new separate beta version of the app listed in the Play Store, and it makes some big changes. Of course, this still uses the RDP protocol, so you'll need a Pre version of Windows to use it. It's pretty robust if you've got the support built-in.

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Even though this is technically a new app, Microsoft included a changelog from the previous stable build. Here's what it says.

  • A new user interface design
  • Improved management of user accounts
  • Ability to connect to multiple sessions

There are a few screens from the stable version below, so yeah, it is a big departure design-wise for Microsoft. Multiple session support is really handy. Probably not a huge deal for home users, but RDP skews toward business uses anyway. Future updates to the app should add Azure RemoteApp preview access and Microsoft Remote Resources support. Again, probably things you don't use at home.

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