Limbic has released Zombie Gunship Reality onto Google Play, a game that pretty much no one is able to play at the moment. It's available exclusively for Project Tango, an augmented reality project that has yet to ship on a device intended for general consumers. Unless there's an announcement in the works, one isn't intended for quite some time.

Zombie Gunship Reality takes the popular Zombie Gunship franchise and gives it the Tango treatment, requiring players to move around a physical space in order to find and fire upon the hordes of undead threatening the area below. If you find using the gyroscope exhausting, just look at the workout the person playing this game in the trailer is getting.

Zombie1 Zombie2 Zombie3

The game was demoed at Google I/O, so its existence doesn't come as a surprise. But unless consumer-facing hardware comes out soon, its Play Store presence serves more as a tease than anything else. Okay, Tango, we're ready. Show us what you got.

Zombie Gunship Reality
Zombie Gunship Reality
Developer: Limbic
Price: $14.99