If you live in an area where the sky will be darkened by a partial solar eclipse tomorrow (October 23rd), check out Google Now. You probably have a card with all the information you could ever need on what's going on in the sky and how to see it. While you're there, maybe you'll find out about what the police are up to in your area, which is another new card.

card 2014-10-22 20.40.13

The solar eclipse card should be visible for anyone who is in the path of the eclipse. So, most of North America. It has links to articles about how to safely see the eclipse without burning your eyeballs out of your skull and what an eclipse is.

There's also a new police activity card popping up with information on crime reports in your area. The location of these reports might be a little far away from you, but that's probably a good thing. This card will link you to the full publicly available report.

[Thanks, +Jonathan Berry]