When it comes to technology, all devices slow down over time. As things like RAM and storage get used, the OS has a harder time trudging through all the data compared to when the device was brand spankin' new out of the box. While Android does a great job of making the most of the hardware it's given, sometimes a little help is needed to give it that extra push. That could mean something simple like cleaning out cached files to open up more storage, deleting old text and picture messages, or just getting rid of applications that haven't been used recently. For all of those things (and more), there's The Cleaner.

The Cleaner is essentially an all-in-one system optimization tool designed to clean up Android and speed up everyday tasks. It can handle a number of different operations, including RAM optimization, cached file cleanup, an application manager, and conversation cleaning. On top of all that functionality, it looks pretty good doing its job, too. Let's take a closer look at some of The Cleaner's more standout features.

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On devices with limited storage, every megabyte counts. What many users may not realize is that most apps keep downloaded files long after they've been used. This allows the app to quickly reference the file again if needed, instead of having to re-download it. These files can easily eat up a gigabyte (or more), which can be a large amount of space when storage is at a premium. While Android allows users to clean out cached files by default (in the Settings > Storage menu), The Cleaner offers much more granular control over which files are deleted by allowing users to delete cache on an app-specific basis. For example, one may want to keep Play Music's cached songs for offline playback, which can be done by simply unchecking the box in The Cleaner.

The Cleaner's app uninstaller goes hand-in-hand with the storage cleaner option, but it has a couple of unique features that not only make it useful for freeing up space, but also in helping users decide which apps may be accessing questionable permissions. For example, The Cleaner lets users find which apps have access to SMS, contact, location, and camera permissions. This way, if something seems out of the ordinary, uninstalling it is just one tap away. Aside from that, the app cleaner also shows which apps are used most often, which have been installed the longest, and which are taking up the most space. No stone is left unturned here.

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Lastly, there's the conversation manager. This is probably the simplest of all The Cleaner's features, but that doesn't take away from its usefulness. Essentially, this allows users to find conversations – including text messages and phone calls – by person and number, and delete the complete history. After that, all hints of contact with that person will be gone (aside from the contact entry, should that person be saved in the phone book).

The Cleaner also offers options like reminder notifications, auto-scanning, and various themes. The latter, along with removing ads, come in the premium version of the app, which is roughly $2.

Overall, The Cleaner is more than just another "task killer" style app and actually has some useful features under its hood. To check it out for yourself, hit the widget below.

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The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean