Google has slowly been adding replacement charging docks for the Android Wear devices to the Play Store. That's important in the case of watches like the Gear Live, which uses a special clip to charge the watch. It's less of an issue for the Qi-equipped Moto 360, but the official stand is in stock now anyway.

2014-10-21 19_58_57-Moto 360 Wireless Charging Dock - Devices on Google Play

The listing for the dock appeared recently, but it wasn't available for purchase. That's changed now, and you can order it for $39.99. The 360's dock is basically a small soft touch stand with a Qi charger built in. The watch can be juiced up on another Qi pad, but the dock is a handsome little accessory that holds the Moto 360 just right.

Remember to factor in tax and shipping with Play Store orders. The total cost is more like $50 with the slowest shipping method. Rather pricey.

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