The G Watch R is the first truly circular smartwatch, and it's also the first to ship with quite so many watchface options - 18 in all. Here's every one, in both active (as in, the display is turned on and ready for interaction) and always-on (passive sleep) modes.

wm_DSC05474 wm_DSC05475 wm_DSC05476 wm_DSC05477

Left: Castle white, right: Red

wm_DSC05478 wm_DSC05479 wm_DSC05480 wm_DSC05481

Left: Hiking, right: Fitness

wm_DSC05482 wm_DSC05483 wm_DSC05484 wm_DSC05485

Left: Photos, right: Increment (like simple, but shows notification counter)

wm_DSC05486 wm_DSC05487 wm_DSC05488 wm_DSC05489

Left: Simple, right: Planetary

wm_DSC05490 wm_DSC05491 wm_DSC05492 wm_DSC05493

Left: Rings, right: Coordinates

wm_DSC05494 wm_DSC05495 wm_DSC05497 wm_DSC05498

Left: Dashboard, right: Reveal

wm_DSC05499 wm_DSC05500 wm_DSC05501 wm_DSC05502

Left: Digitalog, right: World clock

wm_DSC05503 wm_DSC05504 wm_DSC05505 wm_DSC05506

Left: Number, right: Moonphase

wm_DSC05507 wm_DSC05508 wm_DSC05509 wm_DSC05510

Left: Sapphire, right: Camping

So, there you have it - that's a lot of watch faces. Some of them have secondary information functions, too. World clock displays a second time in a city of your choosing. Number gives you the date and day. Moonphase shows the phase of the moon. Hiking displays your altitude and steps taken, and Fitness does too. Red, for whatever reason, shows the month.

I use Castle white.

Update: Not 20 minutes after I posted this, my G Watch R decided to get an update to Android 4.4W2. This update added six new watch faces, pictured below.

wm_DSC05513 wm_DSC05514 wm_DSC05515 wm_DSC05516

Left: GMT, right: Aurora

wm_DSC05517 wm_DSC05518 wm_DSC05519 wm_DSC05520

Left: Club, right: Dress

wm_DSC05521 wm_DSC05522 wm_DSC05523 wm_DSC05524

Left: Needle, right: Record