We spotted it in a teardown of the new material Play Music app this morning, but it looks like a new set of media controls in Android Wear are live - and here's exactly what they look like.

The new controls get a red-themed makeover and volume +/- buttons, plus a nifty kind of physical remote key animation. It's nice. For Play Music, these new controls require two things: the material version of Play Music (which contains an updated mini APK for Wear with these controls) and the 4.4W2 update to Wear, which is rolling out to some devices now, like the LG G Watch. I'm demoing it here on my G Watch R. For other apps, like Spotify, it should just work.


The colors for the controls actually vary by the album cover, it seems, which is kind of neat.

We'll keep a lookout for more new Wear 4.4W2 features as we find them.