You may cease panicking—the Nexus Player is available for pre-order in the Play Store again after paying a visit to the FCC over the weekend. Google stopped taking orders for the device shortly after it went live on Friday when someone realized the FCC hadn't actually approved the device. The wait wasn't long, though.

2014-10-20 12_21_09-Nexus Player - Devices on Google Play

Google's product page was updated on Friday to make clear the Nexus Player hadn't been approved for sale by the FCC yet, and Google wouldn't actually sell it until that happened. The device was switched to "out of inventory" mode in the meantime. The FCC completed its testing report over the weekend, finding nothing suspicious with Google's debut Android TV device. So here we are—you can give Google $99 for a Nexus Player again.

The device still won't ship for 3-4 weeks, but the $39.99 game controller is still out of stock. Apparently that part wasn't a result of the FCC dragging its feet.

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