In the Android Police review of the OnePlus One, we called it "the best flagship you can't buy." That will change soon: the independent and often divisive manufacturer has finally seen fit to set aside its invitation system and start selling phones the old-fashioned way. Pre-orders will be available via starting on Monday, October 27th at 15:00 GMT (8 AM Eastern time).


But it just wouldn't be OnePlus without some needless complication, right? According to this entry on the OnePlus blog, the company will only be offering pre-orders, and there won't be a conventional "launch date" for the non-invite retail phone. OnePlus is creating its hardware stock in batches in order to mitigate risk, so the pre-order isn't a purchase in the traditional sense, it's a promise to purchase a One when the phone next becomes available.

Here's the basic gist: if OnePlus has One phones in its inventory when you submit your pre-order, you'll be charged for the phone immediately and it will ship out to you right away. If not, you'll be placed in a line waiting for the next batch, which will be increased or decreased based on the amount of pre-orders. Imagine it as buying something that might be out of stock, or indeed, not actually made yet. Customers won't be charged until their phones are ready to ship.

If you're really eager to get your pre-order in, OnePlus has created a sort of pre-order for the pre-order, just in case you weren't already confused. You can set up your OnePlus account and input your PayPal and shipping details, just so you'll be all set come Monday. The invitation system is still going to be continued, so if you happen to come across one, you can submit it both before and after October 27th.

Prices for the two One models currently available, the 16GB white and 64GB sandstone black, will remain the same at $299 and $349, respectively. OnePlus will be offering discounts on the accessories purchased at the same time as a pre-order phone, including cases and headphones.

Source: OnePlus