Android 5.0 has a lot of really useful features, which we've been covering in detail as part of the Lollipop Feature Spotlight series. You know what else it has, though? Animations. Many, many lovely animations. If you follow Artem on Google+, you've probably seen him post some GIFs of Lollipop looking hot, but we've pulled together all those GIFs along with some new ones to give you a quick tour of Google's latest and greatest. Prepare for browser lag—there are legions of GIFs just ahead.

I cannot stress enough how seriously you should take the following warning: this page is going to take a very long time to load. Have you waited a moment? Okay, look upon the majesty of Lollipop and be in awe.





It is possible, however unlikely, that looking at this page for too long could cause motion sickness. That, or an unbearable urge to buy a Nexus 6. I probably should have mentioned that at the beginning. Oops. Well, look at these neat Google search animations anyway. Note how the voice search prompt pops up on top of the current app.

1a 2a


If your browser has not yet given up the ghost, there are still more Lollipop animations. The phone app is so pretty now. Maybe I'll make more calls just so I can use it.




Even the notification and quick setting area in Android 5.0 looks neat. In fact, it's a perfect place to show off all those animations. So many buttons to press.





[Play Store GIF via +Andreas Proschofsky]